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    Enterprise Application Development

    <br/> ”Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” – Bill Gates<br/> <br/> The emergence of information technology has increased the need for developing custom applications for enterprises. They have also become high priority for business firms who have invested on internet-based marketing strategies. Transforming business environments, the enterprise applications aid business growth by providing tools like payment processing, forms automation, IT service management and content management. Since the overall cost of developing proprietary software is expensive, it is affordable only to large firms. The rise of enterprise applications have eased major business functionalities like online shopping, card payment processing, billing systems, IT service management, manufacturing, and enterprise application integration, making enterprise application development an essential process of successful business firm.<br/> <br/> <strong>PT. Harsa Cipta Intiguna</strong> deliver this services & solutions in the following domains:<br/> 1. Enterprise Web application development<br/> 2. Rapid Application development<br/> 3. Software application development<br/> 4. PHP application development<br/> <div class="body-rm"><a href="/main/services%20and%20solutions/enterprise%20development/ead.html">read more</a></div>

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    Mobile Application Development

    <br/><strong>PT. Harsa Cipta Intiguna (HCI) </strong>provide this solution with 3 major steps, which are:<br/> 1. <strong>Design</strong>, our team of designers can create beautiful customized designs that maximize on the aesthetic element of customer satisfaction.<br/> 2. <strong>Development</strong>, we have the capability to program the mobile java apps which make it runnable it all device platform.The mobile java apps are applications that smart phone users install directly on their device.<br/> 3. <strong>Deployment</strong>, after the design and development stages of your project are completed, we will work quickly to deploy your app to any available store.<br/> <br/> Our experienced mobile application developers specialize in programming for the full array of handheld devices. Our services include SMS development, programming, 3G application coding, and much more. <div class="body-rm"><a href="/main/services%20and%20solutions/mobile%20development/mad.html">read more</a></div>

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    IT Implementation Services

    <br/> <strong>Embedding best practice in IT</strong><br/> <br/> With IT strategy set and technology selected, our IT services move into implementation consultancy, where we draw on unrivalled knowledge and experience to support all those aspects of managing an implementation not covered by software development.<br/> <br/> These services include:<br/> * The design and management of data conversion projects.<br/> * Software testing.<br/> * The implementation of software development procedures.<br/> <br/> All our activities in this area are backed by the software development expertise of implementing substantial projects for major financial, goverment and commercial organisations. <div class="body-rm"><a href="/main/services%20and%20solutions/implementation%20services/itis.html">read more</a></div>

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    IT Managed Service

    <br/> <strong>Significant savings, predictable IT costs, best practices and low risks</strong><br/> <br/> HCI's IT Managed Service allow business executives to retain control over IT strategies while benefiting from reduced operating costs and risks without compromising service delivery to end users and their clients. With HCI's managed service model, we take the responsibility for operations delivery, drawing on IT governance best practices. As a full-service IT provider, HCI rigorously manages operations, focusing on quality and operational excellence, while offering competitive pricing. We build lasting partnerships based on trust and transparency. Our service delivery approach is rooted in operational excellence, and our management model puts accountability and leadership first.<br/> <br/> <strong>PT. Harsa Cipta Intiguna (HCI) Managed Service</strong> covers below expertise domains:<br/> - Project Management<br/> - Business IT Consulting<br/> - Technical IT Consulting<br/> - IT Software Development<br/> - IT System Engineering<br/> - IT Support Engineering<br/> <div class="body-rm"><a href="/main/services and solutions/managed service/itms.html">read more</a></div>