Embedding best practice in IT

With IT strategy set and technology selected, our IT services move into implementation consultancy, where we draw on unrivalled knowledge and experience to support all those aspects of managing an implementation not covered by software development.

These services include:
    * The design and management of data conversion projects
    * Software testing
    * The implementation of software development procedures.

All our activities in this area are backed by the software development expertise of implementing substantial projects for major financial, goverment and commercial organisations.


Data Conversion

In cases where data is required to be transferred from legacy to new applications, we offer a full data conversion service that assesses the data structure of both source and object systems and develops conversion scripts to ensure accurate transfer.

We work closely with users and managers of the systems, which means that we can develop the most efficient and relevant conversion methods, and we manage testing and final implementation of conversion against agreed success criteria.


Software Development Procedures

Our software procedures are designed to apply our own software development expertise to the delivery or assessment of software development procedures, and they can cover procedures for new projects or a critique of your existing ones.

Our output depends on the exact nature of
the software development environment but typically will be a documented assessment of, and recommendations related to:

    - the size and phasing of projects
    - bounding the scope of the problem
    - exploring the feasibility of possible  solutions
    - determining the requirements
    - designing the solution
    - building the solution
    - implementing the solution

We also provide a similar service relating to software development techniques themselves.


Software Testing

Testing is a major factor in successful system launch projects and we offer a full suite of capabilities to ensure that new systems both work effectively from launch and deliver rapid return on investment.

In addition to planning and managing testing programmes, we also continue to test after launch to ensure systems continue to deliver their service functions.

Our approach to testing covers 3 main areas:

1. Program Testing, involves validation of basic operations and testing of processes.

2. System Testing, applies a series of tests derived from the functional specification to ensure adequate testing of all areas of the system.

3. User Testing, engages and obtains commitment from users in a test plan that covers all scenarios that exist in the working day.