HCI launches its mobile application for blackberry which could gives you an effective and efficient internet connection through your blackberry handheld.

This utlitity is an blackberry handheld application that runs on your blackberry OS (4.5 or above) with minimum space and memory required, it acts as a Web Proxy that you could define which available internet connection will be used to share with other computers or mobile devices.

If you already had the blackberry internet service on your blackberry data plan, you could use it as the internet channel to be shared without any additional costs that you have to pay on your carrier.

This mobile application is an effective through efficiency and reliable solution that could provide you an instant internet connection at any where you go and any time you need.

"Internet is on your hands"

How to use it?

  1. - Just download and install HCI Wifi Proxy (Wifi Web Proxy) from Blackberry World on your Blackberry handheld.
  2. - Connect your blackberry to a Wifi Access Point
  3. - Activate this application and click a start button
  4. - Configure your web browser on your computers or other mobile devices to use a proxy with proxy address and port as seen at the section "Listen on" on the application
  5. - Enjoy browsing through internet connection without any additional costs*

Please visit the tutorial video to help you more on how to use this application on this youtube link:



Advance Wifi Web Proxy is now available on Blackberry World !!!

More Flexibel and also easy to use...

Find it and gain its benefits even more !!!