Censiere Workforce is a Mobile Application which has the comprehensive function for you to easily use with. You could connect to the Censiere and access it anytime and anywhere on your Adroid Devices. These functions are:

  • Activities: see all the activity from all the respective users.
  • Repository: open, browse and manage any information within the Censiere's Repository.
  • Sites: open, browse and manage any information within the choosen site.
  • My Tasks: take any required action related to a workflow or create a new one.
  • Favorites: opening the frequent access content a lot easier.
  • Synced Content: any marked synced content will be synced automatically for you to have the latest update.
  • Search: search for all the available information deep through the content itself.
  • Local Files: gives you the ability to open your local content within your mobile device.
  • Data List: manage your data within Censiere's Data-List.
  • Discussion: see and response to any discussion within Censiere's Discussion.
  • Map Insights: see and open any map plotting and map tagging related to the predefined data on the choosen site.

With the robust and low total cost of ownership (TCO), it’s really a sharp solution for your business to grow effectively and efficiently. This is made possible for you by built the Censiere Workforce through open source software adaptation and our professional senior software experts.

Censiere Mobile App

Suit your choise, available on premise and cloud!!!

Censiere Taskforce

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