Censiere is an Intelligent and Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management which has the following modules for you to easily use with:

Foundation Modules:

  • Document Management (DM)
  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Enterprise Collaboration (EC)
  • Workflow Management (WFM)

Enhanced Modules:

  • Records Management (RM)
  • Analytical Management (AM)
  • Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Learning Management (LM)

You could do more than just an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) since Censiere has the complete solution for you, from what you could do in every management of its modules, document or content creation of it until it should be destroyed or archived (or we could say it’s lifecycle).

With the robust and low total cost of ownership (TCO), it’s really a sharp solution for your business to grow effectively and efficiently. This is made possible for you by built the Censiere through open source software adaptation and our professional senior software experts.

Censiere Design Studio

It is a software with full features within a single platform ready to be used for your business.

Suit your choise, available on premise and cloud!!!


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