PT. Harsa Cipta Intiguna (HCI) launches "Active Portal" Module on top of Censiere, it is the web portal which maximized and enhanced so that the ordinary portal utilize its maximum potential and boost its usage through the push visitor services and other services such as collaboration.

The push technology is designed with an optimal network utilization, keeping the connection alive but not burden the network is the key in this technology.

This HCI's product so called "activePortal" is now ready to be used, it is also cloud ready so that HCI's client will easily use it as services.  This will make the Portal as a Service delivered to you as a sharp, effective and efficient Portal Solution.

activePortal has the following features:

* Web Content Management (WCM)
* Workflow Mangement (WFM)
* Enterprise Collaboration (EC)
* Push Visitor Services (PVS)
* Portal Analytics (PA)
* Web Services & Back-end Integration

You are welcome to send inquiry regarding to this product.