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No need reinventing the wheel but make it more useful

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    <p>Many IT Solution Provider Companies are focusing on how to capitalize Technologies and turning them into profitable Solutions. This common IT Businesses are actually not taking the efficiency and affectivity as the main goals for the end users.</p><p>Some of the impacts are a lot of effort must be taken in delivering the solution, delivery time is relatively longer and put the quality at stake.</p><p><strong>HARSA CIPTA INTIGUNA (HCI)</strong> was founded in 2013 with different mind-frame and goals, "<em><u>Not reinventing the wheel</u></em>" is our mind-set, providing solution using the available ones is our approach in making the solution, with technological expertise and experiences we could deliver the solution meets the thorough requirement and the expected deliverables quality, with experiences in standard-well known methodologies we could deliver the solution meets the expected implementation quality.</p><p>We could provide the "end to end" solution for you, so no need to worry that your IT System as the supporting business will become hard to manage and hard to improve in supporting the growing fast business.</p><p>"<u>No need reinventing the wheel but make it more useful</u>" are the words that we have in mind and we also make sure that you leave your worries behind since we always give our client after-sales guaranty with fully commitment in order achieving our goal which is "Your satisfaction is ours".</p>

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Sharp, Effective & Efficent

Intelligent ECM

Censiere more than just an ECM

Censiere is an Intelligent and Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management which has the comprehensive modules for you to easily use with. You could do more than just an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) since Censiere has much more solutions for you.

Besides the ECM solution, Censiere could also gives the Analytical Management and Learning Management Solutions which ready to be used for your business.