Corporate Overview



Harsa Cipta Ingituna (HCI) is an IT Company which providing IT solutions in multi sector industry, HCI was founded on 2013 with mind-frame and goals, “Not reinventing the wheel.

We provide our solutions through our professional services which cover business and technical domain, delivering the well-known and mature software combined with the application from in-house products from one of our business division so called HarsaSoft and also from our partner’s products. We also provide mobile and portable hardware solutions such as gadgets and laptops, and also servers through our business division which known as HarsaWare.

We believe by using our solutions such those services and products will give our customer an extra-ordinary solutions as our vision, mision, goals and values.




• Become a business partner and catalyst for a reliable and trustworthy in their business processes to improve the value and competitive advantage.

• Become a comfortable workspace to develop the capacity and capability which best for increasing corporate and personal values.

• To provide the best return for all capital invested in a sustained and dignified.



• Accelerate the process of customer’s business activities through clear predefined and integration of the entire business activities and entities.

• Improving the quality of the customer’s business operation practices through the best implementation of total and open solution with open standards technology.

• Increasing capacity and capability in assessing the customer through the mastery of a mature market for asset data, information and knowledge they already have.



• To be recognized as The Sharp IT Solution Provider through the effective, efficient and low total cost of ownership (TCO) results in the private sector and the government of Indonesia, and become Top of Mind Sharp IT Solution Provider in Indonesia.

• Become the Total and Open IT Solution Provider firm in Indonesia which not reinventing the wheel but make it more useful for our customers.

• Being the ideal company for best talents of all the universities in Indonesia.



• We strongly uphold the reputation, and very proud of the integrity, honesty and transparency shown by all our employees.

• We are a learning organization, which always seeks to foster mutual capabilities between us and the customer, and strive institute practices, processes and methodology that offers the best reliability and quality experience to all our customers.

• We enjoy close cooperation with our customers,  enthusiasm involved in achieving their mission and seek to produce real business value. We really like to work together as a team, helping one to another and encourage the growth of the company.